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Guinelli: showtime!

Magician Guinelli

Guinelli is a full-time professional entertainer specialized in a lot of amazing disciplines. He finished his studies as an engineer, but his passion became his daily profession. He performs easily in 4 different languages (NL, F, D and UK) and is the perfect surprise act for any occasion.

- His elegant and stylish close-up work gained him a superb reputation and already a lot of television performances, such as appearances on Zondag Josdag (VTM), Abracadabra (VRT) and the J-Files (Jim TV). One of his most eye-catching adventures was his leading role in the weekly program on VT4 “De Magische 4” where he amazed celebrities with his magical skills and illusions.

- His work on the
big stage already brought him across Europe and recently earned him a place in the semi-finals of the very first edition of Belgium's Got Talent (VTM) , where he amazed jury and audience with his spectacular and original magical entertainment. With or without assistant(s) he entertains big crowds of every age.

- As a master in het
balloon-modeling he makes incredible creations for adults and children alike. Cartoon characters, animals, machines, costumes… your imagination is the only limitation.

- A powerful skill is without any doubt his measure made magic to promote companies, brands, cars, events, etc. He drove for example blindfolded with several cars, made a celebrity appear chosen by the audience, teleported a minister from one hall of Flanders Expo to another in a split second, predicted newspaper headlines and the outcome of the Miss Belgium beauty contest, opened the “Hasseltse Jeneverfeesten” several times with different acts with this fine liquor, introduced tablets with Cyber-Magic, etc.

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